March 31, 2020


As President Donald J. Trump continues to improve the safety measures and precautions taken against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States and the approved stimulus package bill, out of the works, will soon reach the American families, he remains at the first place in the U.S. 2020 presidential elections race.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to let down many Democrats with nonsensical statements on television, with many having no hope left for the democratic presidential candidate.


The following video shows presidential candidate Joe Biden and his position on President Donald J. Trump’s coronavirus – COVID-19 disease response, via Twitter:




March 30, 2020


National ENQ Reports: The coronavirus pandemic has been a test for President Donald J. Trump, a test that so far he passed. Unfortunately, the Democrats were not able to identify and propose better action plans related to the coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic.

All competitors of Donald J. Trump are left far behind at this moment. (March 30, 2020 – 2020 Elections Update by National ENQ –



March 27, 2020


National ENQ 2020 Elections Breaking News: President Donald J. Trump gets many steps in front of any other candidates, including Joe Biden in the U.S. 2020 elections race, as he was successful with his financial aid proposal.


He was able to convice the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to vote and approve the $2.2 trillion stimulus package bill, which includes about $3000 for each American family, as well as support for small businesses all over the United States.


To make sure that the money is on the way, seconds before this was written, President Donald J. Trump has signed and sent the stimulus package documents to the ones in charge for sending the checks directly to the American people. National ENQ Donald Trump Coronavirus Stimulus Package 2 Trillion 3000 American Families


National ENQ 2020 Elections Update: Joe Biden gets a minus for not appearing in public during the coronavirus crysis for so many days – when he finally goes on a satellite interview, he nonsensically declares:  “The cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.” – referring to the coronavirus (COVID-19) cure to stop the pandemic.

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