Nowadays, you don’t need to be famous to have great career. The evolution of the internet and the rise of Bitcoin lets you earn serious income from the comfort of your home in 2021.


Bitcoin Casting, at figured it out – models, performers, actors & regular people like you can register, get selected for top-paid jobs and start earning money in no-time.


After you register on Bitcoin Casting (, here’s how to get paid:


Bitcoin Casting brings a great, free opportunity to the table for everyone to make money online and by participating at various events and film productions. The best part of all? No fees need to be paid to register and to get noticed or booked for your next job!



Even if you’re a regular person you can have a career and make real money by registering for free on Bitcoin Casting and getting picked for future jobs and castings, regardless of your age, sex, race or wherever you live, since people from all countries and territories are accepted.


After Bitcoin Casting accepts your registration, just follow the recommendations and you’ll have a good chance to be accepted within the next casting.


A great thing about Bitcoin Casting is that, as a member of, whatever your area of expertise may be (performer, actor, model, influencer, celebrity or not) all of the payments to you are made using the Bitcoin (BTC) and its Blockchain – so, in the end, all payments are made fast and directly to your Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone.


With a Bitcoin wallet installed on your phone, you can sell your Bitcoin for the amount of money you need, either online and transfer it to your credit card, or directly for cash at any Bitcoin ATM available in your area. Keeping your earnings in Bitcoin is also encouraged, since it has been increasing in value every day and countless businesses accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for their products or services.


To buy or sell Bitcoin using your credit card, you can use Coinbase. To buy or sell Bitcoin for cash, find a Bitcoin ATM in your area here.

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