Did Joe Biden & Hunter Make A Lot of Money from Ukraine?  Most Likely, Yes – Did They Pay US Tax on It? Probably Not and, for Whatever Reason, there Is No Real Federal Investigation on It


Can we blame Ukraine for allowing Joe & Hunter Biden to take advantage of their position & to make a lot of money? No, as Ukraine was desperate to get US support, knowing the situation there.


Can we blame Joe Biden for taking advantage of Ukraine desperately seeking US support & making a lot of money by taking all that Ukraine had to offer for his personal use? Definitely. Can we accuse Biden for not paying tax for that money? Absolutely!


We all know the situation of Ukraine – They lost a big part of their territory – the entire east Ukraine – in addition to Crimea. They’re now struggling to survive and they were and still are in desperate need of US support.


When Joe Biden came to Ukraine with his son Hunter, there was finally some hope for the local people – Obviously, they didn’t care about the resources they had to give away and about how unethical or illegal a deal done personally with Joe Biden and His son Hunter may be. For them, it was a clear thing: Joe Biden had the position, and the United States had the resources to help Ukraine. So, in the end, we have to accept that what Ukraine did was what they considered to be the best for their country.


Did Joe Biden do what was best for the USA? By entering into a private deal with Ukraine, when he was obviously working for the US, he didn’t do what was best for his country – In fact, what Joe Biden did is that he stole from his own country.


If Ukraine had something to offer in exchange for the US support, then all Americans should’ve benefited from that, as well as the entire US economy – the deal shouldn’t have meant profit only for Joe Biden and his family, just because he was the US representative. As Joe Biden was just an employee of the US Government, he was not allowed to make personal deals with the people.


If Ukraine was going to give access to natural resources, then all of the US business should’ve been able to access them, so, as a result, the deals would’ve been beneficial for the American economy as a whole, rather than bringing personal gain only to Joe Biden, Hunter, their family and their companies. Since Americans sent Joe Biden to Ukraine to help solve international state issues, regardless of the circumstances, he shouldn’t have been involved in private deals which have brought a lot of money in for his family. In essence, it’s not only about the money, but it is also about the principles and about the law.


As we can see, what Joe Biden did was wrong and he knows it – now, we should also see if he’s going to pay tax for the money he made in Ukraine, or not: Washington and the relevant federal authorities should be the ones looking into this. President Donald J. Trump repeatedly asked for a thorough investigation on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business with Ukraine, but little to nothing was done.


Some decision makers within the US authorities may think that it is only a campaign issue, as we’ll be having the 2020 presidential elections and Joe Biden is running against Donald J. Trump. Should we think that nothing was done to really investigate the Joe Biden involvement in private business in Ukraine because some of the top people responsible to investigate the matters are a part of the deep state and, as a result, they want someone obedient to their demands like Joe Biden in the White House?

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