Property Subscription: A Step Ahead in Making Decent Homes Affordable for More People in San Francisco, Los Angeles, California Areas, as well as in New York City – Helping to Solve the Housing Problem


Finally, Property Subscription, the Netflix for a home – is available. Getting a monthly subscription for your home has become much easier.


The Property Subscription Programme allows people looking for a home to get a new home for a monthly subscription. No more rent, mortgage or loan installments. Just a monthly subscription you can afford – starting from $599 per month from PropertySubscription.coma monthly subscription for your home.



The Property Subscription Programme Allows People Who Aren’t Eligible for a Classic Home Loan to Get a Home


What is the secret? Property Subscription – doesn’t do a credit check with focus on your past, but rather on your future. They focus more on finding out if you can afford the monthly subscription you choose, which means the verification is more about your current ability to pay, rather than what’s happened in the past.


More than that, you can get funded easier to buy your home. Once you become a verified Property Subscription member and you’ve started paying the monthly subscription for your new home, you’ll always be able to make an offer to buy the real estate you’ve been living in, with flexible, convenient, and affordable funding terms.



Monthly Property Subscription – – Getting Your Dream Home Made Easy


The first step to joining the Property Subscription Programme – ( is easy: get verified and become a Property Subscription member. You’ll be able to:

  1. Access stunning homes in great locations, with much better terms compared to what you would traditionally have access to, for an excellent and flexible monthly subscription cost.
  2. Choose from numerous properties, starting from low-priced studio apartments, multiple-bedroom apartments, luxury suites, regular houses, and going all the way up to mansions in exclusive areas.



Paying too Much for Your Home like so Many Do Today? Property Subscription – A Monthly Subscription for a Home may Be a Great Solution for You


As a verified Property Subscription member, you may pay much less. If you would like to continue living in your existing home and stop paying rent or loan installments, you may be able to obtain an affordable monthly subscription for it. When you get verified to become a Property Subscription member, Property Subscription (if possible) will arrange for you to get to use the same real estate for an affordable monthly subscription.



What if Your Credit Cards Are Maxed Out? No Problem! You can Get Approved & You Won’t Need a Credit Card or a Bank Account


Property will accept Bitcoin – it’s much easier than you may think. You don’t need a credit card or a bank account to get verified and become a member. You can pay for your home through a monthly subscription with Bitcoin. You can also use Bitcoin to pay for your one-time verification fee and get verified as soon as possible.


The Netflix for your home, Property Subscription accepts Bitcoin (BTC), as an alternative to the regular bank transfer so, in the end, you don’t need a credit card or bank account to pay for your monthly subscription – you’ll only need be able to afford it.


More information related to monthly subscriptions for homes, be it low-priced studio apartments, multiple-bedroom apartments, luxury suites, regular houses, and going all the way up to mansions in exclusive areas is available on

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