National ENQ News: Work from Home, the New Normal


National ENQ: Work from Home Has Been Around for Years


Years ago, the power of the internet has allowed many people to start work from home, and even manage various online businesses. Some of the online businesses have developed so much that, today, we have a new major economic sector called digital business. We can consider, as part of digital businesses, millions of small to mid-size businesses, as well as giants like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Snapchat, Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and many others.


Within the small and mid-size businesses of the digital world, there are so many which have proven to be very successful, with significant chances to become global.



National ENQ News: Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Work from Home is Not Only the New Normal – It’s a Must


As we all know, many people started to work online and offer their products or services, by only using their laptop, phone, or tablet. Work from home isn’t a new thing and has been around for approximately 30 years. Even if only less than 10% of the working population worked from home at the beginning, this trend has increased yearly, on a regular basis, even before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


We can all agree that the future was leading us to work from home anyway, using the power of the internet. What the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has done was only speeding up the process. Today, everybody accepts that work from home is the new normal and everything that’s possible online, using the power of the internet, should be done this way.


National ENQ offers a simple opportunity, with zero costs, for everyone to earn a steady regular income, by sharing news, updates and opinions about what’s going on in their community.



National ENQ Gives Everyone the Opportunity to Work from Home


Anyone, regardless of their location, can send National ENQ any kind of local news and information on local subjects which, for example, may involve local authorities – news about your mayor, governor, chief of police or information about what’s going on at your local hospital, church or other institutions are more than welcome, just like anything else that’s happening in your area.


National ENQ writers and editors will review the information you submitted and, if it’s acceptable, it’ll be published. If the published information performs well, National ENQ will make sure to compensate you. Up to this moment, compensations for people who aren’t professional writers, but rather active and well informed members of their communities who’ve provided effective and useful information to National ENQ, sit between $1,200 and $4,500 on a regular basis.


Obviously, even just by sending daily e-mails to National ENQ about what’s going on in your community, you can earn a nice, steady and regular income.


Please feel free to send any e-mails regarding what’s happening in your community to National ENQ, related to whatever your mayor, chief of police, governor, congressman, senator or other authorities may have or may have not done – even if it’s only your opinion.


In addition, you can send us information to about anything else you consider interesting, even if it involves a local or national celebrity, businessman or businesswoman, or any other local or national issues.

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