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Get the capital you need for your startup, or just funds to establish or develop a business from angel investors, lenders or venture capital firms.


Angel investors are a great source to fund your business ideas. Not only will the angel investors make an angel investment in your business, but they will also guide you and will provide much needed, step by step assistance, so, based on their experience, you can develop your ideas and implement your project within a great entrepreneur-friendly environment.


There are always the options of angel lenders for personal loans as well as angel investors for personal loans and both can be very helpful.


If you prefer to get funding from angel lenders for personal loans or from angel investors for personal loans it’s just a matter related to the specifics of the business sector, to the existing competition and to the expected results and performance.


As an example, some angel investors have provided funding to a new business with focus on the design and production of human robots, more exactly of human-like robots, which are, essentially, custom-made robots that look like humans – Custom Human Robots for personal, business, military, government and research use with both highly developed artificial intelligence (AI), capable of being operated as someone’s avatar when required.



National ENQ recommendations from several angel investors groups, lenders, venture capital firms and other funding sources:



“USA Angel Investors tend to invest in business ideas with strong development potential. Even if the main base is in the United States of America, the operations have a global coverage, providing the required capital for most projects or deals, in most sectors and areas.


Angel investors are interested to hear about your business idea, even if you have no previous experience as an entrepreneur. Never too early or too late to start a business.”


“Angel investors, any gооd аngеl investor, will want tо ѕее thаt you’re going tо use hiѕ or hеr money, tо tаkе your buѕinеѕѕ to thе nеxt level. You will also need working capital, and you will probably need other investment funds, as well as you will need to cover your own expenses and the expenses of the team that you intend to bring on board. As a result of all that, it’ѕ imроrtаnt to оutlinе exactly why you need the capital for, describe in detail your idea, explain to the funding angel investors, whаt you nееd the capital fоr, what уоu’rе going tо use thаt capital fоr and what the оutсоmе will bе whеn уоu еxесutе уоur implementation рlаn.


There are certain moments when you will need a good executive summary, a good business plan, a great strategic plan as well as a good business development plan, among marketing and sales. If уоu can really give confidence tо аn аngеl investor thаt уоur plan is a viаblе one аnd that уоu’rе сараblе оf executing it, уоu’ll then hаvе a gооd chance for rаiѕing the сарitаl, the funds you need, as well as you will be able to have it all done very fast.


Do not forget that angel investors, are indeed very different from usual financial institutions. They do not have the need of a bureaucratic structure, they do not need to get board approvals and usually it does not take a long time to decide. If they like your business idea they can just provide the money, the capital, so you can focus on developing it, successfully implement your project.”



Los Angeles Angel Investors


Steps to Follow When Looking for Los Angeles Angel Investors.


Los Angeles angel investors are fairly easy to find, and great angel investors, venture capital firms and other funding sources operating throughout the city are available here, and on all other pages. Simply choose the best fit!


Getting Funding From Los Angeles Angel Investors


The best way to solicit funding from all of the great Los Angeles angel investors available here, on Investors California, is to send each funding source a good brief, a prompt description about your ideas or business.


Investors active in California are always interested to hear about your project, deal, start-up, or even just about your business idea. There’s no need to prepare expensive business plans – a good brief will be just fine. Search this website to find the perfect fit for your business needs.


In California, most funds go to San Francisco and Bay Area, Silicon Valley as well as to the Los Angeles region, Orange County and the surrounding areas.


However, all investors operating in the state of California are open and interested to hear from you about any investment you plan in any location in California.”

Investors in California and other angel investors.

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