National ENQ News: A Monthly Stimulus Check of $2000 Is Prepared by the Trump Administration, According to National ENQ Washington D.C. Sources Close to Steven Mnuchin and President Donald J. Trump


Well informed National ENQ sources have confirmed that every American will receive a monthly $2000 stimulus check. The Trump Administration, along with financial experts are working on the documentation and on the paperwork necessary for simplifying the way each American will obtain their $2000 monthly stimulus check.


The general opinion of most Americans is that this monthly amount of money is reasonable and absolutely necessary for helping people gather the basic things they need for survival during the hard times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


The majority of National ENQ readers fully supports President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Administration’s decision of organizing and implementing a clear and simple procedure that will give a monthly $2000 stimulus check to each American.


This monthly amount will not only help the regular American maintain the means to cover their basic needs and survive the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but will also assure better grounds for stabilizing the American economy, as the demand for American products and services will grow.


While there’s a strong debate about whether to keep enforcing lockdown measures in the whole country for a longer time, or to lift lockdown measures and open the country in a few days, or, at most, a few weeks, as long as restrictions are in place and enforced, each American should get their $2000 monthly stimulus check, without any delays.


At this moment in time, the most reasonable solution focuses on having all the enforced restrictions and lockdown measures lifted and, instead, turned into recommendations and guidelines. Sweden is the best example, being a well-developed country that refused to impose any restrictions whatsoever and has only provided guidelines and recommendations, in order to let people decide if they want to be safe or continue their normal lives, while leaving their constitutional and human rights untouched.


Just like Sweden, the United States must respect the freedom and constitutional rights of the American people, so, in the end, as many experts have stated, the best decision would be the government only providing information, recommendations, and guidelines and leaving it up to the people – will Americans self-isolate and obtain their $2000 monthly stimulus check as a compensation, or decide not to follow the guidelines, instead opting for resuming their activity, work, and enjoying their constitutional and human rights, just like before the lockdown?

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