Real Offline Transaction Privacy: No One Will Be Able to Track Your BRBCoin Usage in the Blockchain

BRBCoin: The Greatest, Fully-Anonymous Way to Save, Pay & Get Paid – Similar to Bitcoin, with Better Privacy & Zero Transaction Fees

No more lengthy codes and Bitcoin addresses? That’s right: you’ll just need your Internet Name on hand to send and receive BRBCoin.



Storing BRBCoin or Other Crypto Offline, in BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallets, Separate from Your Phone’s Wallet Is Your Only Choice:


Mobile phones and virtual wallets are a huge liability. An always-in-your-pocket device will never be safe enough to be solely responsible for your bitcoin or any other crypto. Whether because of accidental loss, theft, or in worst cases coercion, or authoritarian government controls and warrants to seize digital assets, you always have a huge risk.

All in all, since keeping your smartphone on you almost everywhere you go is essential and has its benefits, your phone becomes unreliable for holding cryptocurrencies on it, in larger amounts.

The only safe, long-term solution is to store your crypto in a BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallet: it’s separate from your phone, like a miniature safety deposit box. You won’t be carrying it around wherever you go, unlike your phone, making it one of the best ways to keep your assets safe.

On top of that, BRBCoin has no transfer fees – Need to send someone some BRBCoin? Pair your online BRBCoin wallet or BRBCoin Hardware Wallet with theirs – once the transaction happens, no data will be left behind.




BRBCoin Investments Have Been Great, with Reduced Volatility Compared to Bitcoin & Zero Transaction Fees – This, Alone, Makes It the Best Way to Pay or Get Paid, while Maintaining Full Privacy


Need more flexibility, privacy, a better way to save, invest, pay and get paid? BRBCoin is what you’re looking for: The BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallets made it possible to pay and get paid even very large amounts without any transfer fees. Giving or receiving an Internet Name is the only thing your BRBCoin online wallet or BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallet needs in order to make the transaction – no record of it ever comes up.

Want to pay or get paid smaller BRBCoin amounts? A simple transfer with zero fees is possible between any casual BRBCoin holders: Whenever you open an account, send or receive BRBCoin, you’ll never need ID. The BRBCoin blockchain isn’t public, unlike Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – The undecryptable data left behind is wiped as soon as one’s wallet exchanges enough data with the other’s to successfully transfer the specific amount.

Want to trade, buy or sell Bitcoin for BRBCoin? That’s easy, as it’s the main way to get BRBCoin – you won’t need a credit card. Trading, buying or selling BRBCoin for Bitcoin brings on complete anonymity, as well as low or zero fees on



NationalENQ Reports: BRBCoin Accounts Used by Intelligent Things

A BRBCoin account can be used by any person, business, as well as intelligent things – You heard that right! Self-driving cars, automated unstaffed factories and shops can all use BRBCoin. BRBCoin accounts can also be used for houses, so utilities can be paid without a hassle.

Why would BRBCoin open accounts for intelligent things? Stuff with A.I. on board had manual requirements: a person, like yourself had to configure everything about it. You would need to pay for refueling, charging and parking a “self-driving” car, as well as for the electricity and other things your house needs.

Surprisingly, BRBCoin has already made accounts for A.I. available – From now on, you’ll only need to sign up the smart tech for new accounts, and they’ll be ready to go. Your car will pay for its own charging and parking, while your house’s account will be charged for the monthly bills. All this is done by using the BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallets to their full extent.



Grow Your Sales by Accepting Payments with a BRBCoin Account


With a BRBCoin account, you can sell any products or services, not only to more people and businesses to extend your reach, but to other intelligent things as well, like self-driving cars, unstaffed factories and shops, houses, and other things running artificial intelligence operating systems.

One can always make a BRBCoin account to pay for anything with full privacy – but, if you don’t want to send or receive money, you can just get a BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallet loaded with the BRBCoin amount you desire – Instead of sending or receiving BRBCoin, you can give a BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallet to whoever you want, along with the password to access the amount stored inside. If you don’t give someone the password to the wallet, the receiver will never be able to spend what’s inside – BRBCoin Hardware Wallets are undecryptable, and without a password it cannot be paired with other wallets to essentially use the BRBCoin stored inside.

BRBCoin provides more privacy than Bitcoin, since no one’ll know when a specific amount of BRBCoin “changes hands”, whether you’re transferring it between BRBCoin Crypto Hardware Wallets or between BRBCoin accounts.

We all know that when a Bitcoin amount is transferred from a wallet to another, there are numerous, extremely public services mentioning every single detail about the said transaction – therefore, everyone will know when your Bitcoin “changes hands” – this is a very intrusive way for you and your hard-earned money to be checked on, as well as a global factor when it comes to the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies on the market.

BRBCoin features are indeed impressive, and NationalENQ tech-talk reviews wants everyone to try it by simply opening a BRBCoin account on today.

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