National ENQ Market Data Analysis Results


After verifying the market data and trend, National ENQ analysts confirmed that property prices will go up significantly in the near future, as today, shares of most companies bring a lot of uncertainty caused by so many factors.


National ENQ Reports on Coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) Economic Consequences


As a result of this, National ENQ analysts highly recommend investments either directly, in selected, quality real estate, be it residential, commercial or general land, or in good real estate investment funds. Most companies have also suffered recently, amidst the worries caused by the Wuhan corona virus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2) outbreak – those concerns are not expected to disappear very soon.


National ENQ Reports on the Digital Business Sector


Another sector that is also recommended by National ENQ team is digital business.

Obviously, more and more people want to handle almost everything with their phone or computer. In addition, worries related to the 2020 novel coronavirus outbreak have only increased the speed of this trend. Less people go out to solve issues and to do things while meeting other people – everyone prefers the safety and comfort of their own home, especially knowing that outside, there’s always a risk of catching the disease.


So, the digital business sector, especially the main market disruptive technologies are highly recommended by National ENQ analysts.


National ENQ Reports on Funding, Provided by Angel Investors, Lenders, Venture Capital Firms, Financial Advisors, Investors Services, Entrepreneurs Financing Organizations


It’s no wonder that many angel investors, such as the ones available on invest and provide funding to numerous startups in the digital business sector. In addition, the main focus is on providing significant funds for real estate investments, as well as providing loans for land purchases and construction.


National ENQ Report on Increasing Volume of Construction Loans

Many venture capital firms and lenders, either as direct investments, or lending construction loans from, as well as Garanta, the provider of complete financial services to a large number of investors and entrepreneurs at national level, covering all states, provide funding not only to well established and experienced entrepreneurs, but also to people that want to start a business, invest, develop an existing business, expand to new markets, or simply want to buy real estate – even if it’s just agricultural land.


National ENQ Report on Increasing Volume of Real Estate Investments


We all know this: “when prices are low, that’s the time to buy”. When we talk about land and, generally, property, we know that limited – “they don’t make it anymore!”. Obviously, angel investors, lenders, and venture capital firms, such as the ones available on know the trend!


To conclude, highly recommended for purchase are property, even general land, and firms successfully operating in the digital business sector or with real chances to launch soon. For real estate investments you can choose a direct approach, or opt for going trough real estate investment funds available “in house”, such as on, or public real estate investment funds that also own and operate residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial real estate.


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