National ENQ Restaurant Review: Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant – Pier 39, San Francisco, California


National ENQ presents the exclusive opinion of the owner of Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant on Pier 39, in San Francisco, California:


“There is no destination quite like Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant. Our waterfront dining rooms provide magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the always entertaining Sea Lions. We offer a casual dining experience that includes delicious traditional Italian fare and fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Our service is accommodating and friendly. We are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.”


National ENQ contributors have visited the Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant. Here are some of their opinions:


Good Reviews:


Amanda (National ENQ Reviews & Opinion) ► “Amazing food, service really good and the view is awesome!”

Coleen (National ENQ Breaking News) ► “The clam linguine noodles were very good and the clams were also good!”

Zoie (National ENQ Health Research) ► “All tables have great view!”

Kevin (National ENQ  Business & Finance) ► “The baked salmon was delicious!”

Lucas (National ENQ Technology) ► “Seals stay and play near you!”

Noah (National ENQ Technology) ► “The food was cooked and served very promptly after order!”

George (National ENQ California News) ► “This food is great!”

Michelle (National ENQ California News) ► “Wine suggestion matched perfectly the very tasty meals.”

Donnah (National ENQ Entertainment) ► “Delicious food and gorgeous bay views!”


Mixed Reviews:


Patrick (National ENQ Breaking News) ► “Be aware of all the taxes!”

Brianna (National ENQ Politics) ► “A tourist trap! Definitely!”

Christie (National ENQ Mergers & Acquisitions) ► “We had to pay about double than what we expected!”

Mary (National ENQ Reviews & Opinion) ► “Miserable service for a half empty restaurant considering the prices and the charges!”

Lauren (National ENQ Reviews & Opinion) ► “A real tourist trap and we fell for it!”

Ruby (National ENQ New York City News) ► “Way over priced!”

André (National ENQ Technology) ► “High charges!”

Nancy (National ENQ Florida) ► “Expected to be cheaper as it’s on Pier 39!”


The final, general opinion of the National ENQ team is that it’s indeed very expensive, especially for someone who would expect low prices. But, if you consider the location and the surroundings, it couldn’t get much cheaper.


Considering the overall quality of the services, we must admit that the opinion, mentioned above, from the owner of the Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant on Pier 39, in San Francisco, California, describes the place quite well.


So, considering all of the above, the opinion of National ENQ on the Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant on Pier 39, in San Francisco, California confirms that it’s a great place to go to when you’re in San Francisco.


The Swiss Louis Italian & Seafood Restaurant and Pier 39 are a must when you visit San Francisco, California!


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