National ENQ Investigations Show Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cures Exist and Are Already Available – National Enquirer & Many Are Absolutely Convinced


National ENQ thorough research has concluded that there are indeed very high chances that one or more coronavirus (COVID-19) cures exist right at this moment, maybe even right under our noses – the world just hasn’t gotten to know them yet – but that might be changing soon.


Recently, images of a National Enquirer newspaper cover suggesting that coronavirus (COVID-19) cures were “finally found” has circulated around the web, bringing in mixed responses, with some claiming that they were misleading, and others supporting the publication.


National ENQ National Enquirer Coronavirus Cure Found Newspaper


Many have said the “coronavirus cures finally found” title was misleading, based on the information the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Protection) that states there hasn’t been a cure for the coronavirus (COVID-19) found yet. Although the two organizations report on very correct and updated information most of the time, this time, it might not entirely be the case.



National ENQ Opens Debate – The World Health Organization (WHO) & CDC  Formally Declares There’s No Known Cure for Coronavirus (COVID-19), Just like for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/AIDS)


The World Health Organization (WHO), along the with CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have declared that there remains no known cure for coronavirus (COVID-19) as of March 2020, just like they’ve been declaring that for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) there’s no known cure.


There are several cases of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in which normal people or celebrities have been cured after going through existing treatments. For those cases, little of which are public and known, we’ve seen the same formal declaration and position of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, declaring that there’s still no known cure.


If there’s no official cure, how come they’ve been cured?


Without minimizing the importance and the roles of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the problem with their official position on there being no known cure for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)  is that it’s not a confirmation or proof that there’s no cure.


We all know people that have been cured, especially the ones who’ve went public, like the London HIV patient, along with many others.


The fact that the two health institutions (WHO and CDC) have declared that there remains no known cure for either HIV/AIDS or coronavirus (COVID-19) proves that they don’t know of such cures – it doesn’t mean the cure isn’t available.


The Coronavirus Cure Is Among Us


Even if it’s not under the form of kitchen treatments or a pill, a coronavirus (COVID-19) cure or very effective treatment solution could be sitting right under our noses.


It’s surely not easy to discover or come up with a “cure” or effective treatment for any virus or disease, especially this novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which humanity has only been able to understand for about four months.



National ENQ Coronavirus Cure Investigation: Official Data


As organizations like the WHO or the CDC have reported that there remains no official cure for the coronavirus (COVID-19), many studies and real experiments have been done, with many successful and promising results seen from the use of certain antiviral treatments on patients infected with coronavirus.


There are many antiviral treatments that have shown incredible results throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which have shown the greatest results, to the point where they were approved for use in China.


National ENQ extensive research shows that the treatment with these potential “coronavirus cures” done on dozens of patients has shown efficiency that hasn’t been seen before, with very small to nonexistent side effects. Clinical trials with several drugs will continue in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.


Other promising treatments used against the coronavirus (COVID-19) have involved the use of malaria drugs that date back to 1955, combined with antibiotics – the most recent clinical trials have shown that almost 50% of patients have been cured of coronavirus (COVID-19) by the third day of the treatment.



Humanity Will Find Its Way & Keep On Living


As antiviral treatments and, essentially, “cures” starting to pop up more and more, humanity will be exiting its worried and alert state, with more focus on how to efficiently combat the coronavirus (COVID-19), and many other viruses and diseases we’ve already been fighting with, or the ones that will follow.


A similar, yet way more dangerous type of virus compared to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). A whopping 37.9 million people are estimated to have HIV worldwide, and almost the same number of people have died from it.


Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and pandemic, hope and real results have showed up once again related to HIV, with a patient being announced to have been cleared of HIV for more than 30 months after a stem cell transplant in London, United Kingdom. Infections with the virus have also decreased dramatically worldwide.


We’ve also seen significant decrease in the new cases reported by China, with no new domestic cases being reported in the last few days, but rather imported infections – coronavirus (COVID-19) patients who have caught the virus elsewhere, and have been diagnosed in China. Also, there are less active cases in China than in several countries in Europe, with more than 70,000 people who have recovered from the virus. The situation in Europe continues to worsen, but we see more and more safety measures taken each day all over the continent.



National ENQ Investigation Conclusions and Final Thoughts


Though health organizations and institutes worldwide haven’t officially announced a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus (COVID-19), many clinical trials and medical breakthroughs are achieving their objectives as we speak – it wont be long until humanity manages to overcome the pandemic, but the way towards that point has been, is currently and will continue to be tough.


The National ENQ investigation team will continue its research and will inform you of the best coronavirus (COVID-19) treatments and cures available. Follow us on LinkedIn National ENQ and on Twitter @EnqNational to know before it happens!

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