National ENQ News – Wealthy People, Celebrities and Other VIPs Now Have Human-Like Robots, Human Robots as Assistants – They Even Use the Robots that Look like Humans as Their Own Avatars!


National ENQ investigations discovered that wealthy people, celebrities or not, along with many other VIPs now have human-like robots, human robots, as their personal assistants. Many have been using their robots that look like humans as avatars, like in video games.


Being able to use your human robot as your avatar comes in very handy, especially when you need to be in places or areas which you don’t want to expose yourself in – this feature has been more helpful than ever nowadays, as the coronavirus, COVID19 pandemic expands dangerously fast.



National ENQ Can Confirm That the Technology Is Available, but a Custom Human Robot Will Cost You Significantly


At the Moment, Only Wealthy People, Celebrities and Other VIPs Have Human Robots, Human-like Robots as Their Assistants, Being Able to Use the Robots That Look like Humans as Real-life Avatars!


Even if the technology available today allows the design and production of human robots, human-like robots, or, to be clearer, the design and production of robots that look like humans, it is certainly not cheap to order a human robot – prices vary depending on what you want the human robot to look like, as well as what you want it to do.


Custom Human Robots are very similar to luxury cars, as their design and production process is very complex, with sophisticated, top-level technology and precision being a part of it. On top of that, Custom Human Robots are entirely unique, as they are custom built for every order, according to the customer’s specifications.


Keeping in mind that luxury cars are designed and manufactured based on one factory model and they still end up costing anywhere from $250,000 to over $3,000,000, it’s clear to see the pricing situation of Custom Human Robots is complex, as they’re built from scratch with custom features and the best technology for each customer.



Here’s What National ENQ Learned from Custom Human Robots –


“All human robots are designed according to the specifications discussed about and agreed upon with you, and operate either independently (automatically), with our virtually limitless artificial intelligence (A.I.), or manually, with your controls, using CHR VR READY Virtual Reality Technology™ in the Robot Operating System™ (ROS 2020™).


The human robot can have any appearance you wish for (be it male, female or gender neutral) and the specific capabilities necessary for making it a highly valuable asset, whether it’s for personal, business, research or even military use. It can learn everything you want, and can even operate from basic Internet of Things home devices to land or aerial vehicles (cars, trucks, helicopters, drones and more).


All Custom Human Robots™ have human appearance – they look just like a normal person. Only after looking closely or talking to the robot, one can tell it isn’t a real person. So, Custom Human Robots™ are exactly that: human-like robots.


The artificial skin of all Custom Human Robots™ is very similar to the human skin, with the major difference (or bonus) being the added durability and resistance of the artificial skin. Sure, all human-like robots have a specific strength, certain capabilities, as well as speed, according to the specifications agreed upon with each customer.”


Custom Human Robots (



Ordering Your Custom Human Robot Is More or Less like Ordering a Custom Private Jet or Helicopter – Only Some People Can Enjoy the Privilege!


First, the supplier will need to know how powerful you want your Custom Human Robot to be. Your Custom Human Robot can even operate a computer – or, better said, it can be your computer. It can even operate cars, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, drones and more.


There’s virtually no limit to what a Custom Human Robot can do, be it personal, business or even military related activities, as well as research. It can do other things with incredible precision, with either its own powerful A.I. (artificial intelligence) or your own controls with Virtual Reality, in areas and places where you, as a human, don’t want to enter.


Your Custom Human Robot is your own android with human-like features and custom specifications, which can work both independently (with its own A.I.) or be used as your own real-life avatar. The best thing is, it will always look exactly like a human and you can have it look just like yourself, or any other person.


You can order a Custom Human Robot to such a high degree of human detail which would make it very difficult for people to know it’s a robot.


It shows incredible human evolution and intelligence seeing how these human robots are designed and produced to look just like humans – they are indeed human-like robots, these robots that look like humans being able to do exactly what humans can do, but also far beyond that.


Custom Human Robots is one of the main suppliers that designs and produces Custom Human Robots. You can find more information and contact them at

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