Confirming National ENQ Health Investigation Results, President Donald J. Trump Has Talked about The Spread of Coronavirus, COVID19 & How to Avoid It


National ENQ on How to Avoid Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic


Several National ENQ investigations show that, contrary to many people’s initial opinion, there’s a significant difference between the two main ways coronavirus, COVID19 is transmitted – less than through human to human contact, but much more through contaminated surfaces, including common things such as tables, door handles and any other object touched by an infected person with particles of the virus on their hands. General areas haven’t been left out of the question, with evidence suggesting that surface spread is just as efficient as vehicles like cars, buses, trains and airplanes that people carrying the coronavirus, COVID19 have been in. Public places like fast food restaurants, coffee shops, stores, schools or homes are just as dangerous.


As everybody should know by now, the easiest way to avoid contamination with coronavirus, COVID19 is to staying at home. However, we all know that there are certain things you have to do everyday, making it very difficult to not go outside at all.


The most secure way to leave your house with very low chances of catching the coronavirus, COVID19 would be to take your own car wherever you need to be – this way, you can avoid public transport, as buses and trains are currently considered very risky, since they’re used by so many people.


At this point, even if a bus is empty, it’s advised to not get inside that bus, as during the last couple of days, there could’ve been thousands of people riding the same bus. Even if they are regularly cleaned, as heard on the news, it would still be considered quite the health hazard, since public transport cannot technically be cleaned when it’s being used, throughout the day, when you step in it.


Hundreds, if not thousands of people could use the same bus or train over and over again – it’s fairly easy to do the math, and you will end up seeing that there’s a strong chance that out of the hundreds or thousands that’ve stepped in a vehicle, someone could’ve been infected with coronavirus, COVID19, and by either droplets or any other way, it could end up on surfaces you touch, and survive from 2 hours, all the way up to 9 days.


Keeping these things in mind, it’s very easy to assimilate the very high risk that you could face when you enter any sort of space that’s been used by a lot of people. Even if not at the same time, or even if the bus or train is almost empty when you’re in it, hundreds, if not thousands have still used it before you, not necessarily a long time before.



National ENQ Has a Strong Recommendation – Avoid Public Transportation, Subway & Railway, Shopping Malls & Places Used by a Large Number of People, Even if They Seem Empty


During the coronavirus, COVID19 pandemic, when you see people around you, it’s very easy to avoid direct contact, as you can always keep a reasonable distance between everyone else, in order to minimize the chances of catching the coronavirus, COVID19 through direct or close proximity contact, more specifically through respiratory droplets. This doesn’t seem to be the main way the coronavirus, COVID19 spreads.


What we have to keep in mind at all times is that the most intensively-used surfaces can mean contamination if touched. We shouldn’t be touching any kind of doors or door handles, walls, seats, tables, or even ATMs with our hands – if we really need to touch it with our hands, gloves are a must. If we touch potentially contaminated surfaces with our bare hands, chances of infection with coronavirus, COVID19 skyrocket, as you are guaranteed to touch your face, clothes or belongings afterwards, making it incredibly easy for the coronavirus, COVID19 to enter your system.


All in all, you should be careful outside, as well as inside public places and vehicles, and avoid touching anything at all, if possible – if you really need to touch something, like an ATM, or a door handle, then you should definitely use gloves, and throw them away when you’re done.



President Donald J. Trump on the Increasingly Dangerous Coronavirus, COVID19 Situation


In his March 18th 2020 speech at the White House regarding the coronavirus, COVID19 situation that currently seems to be getting worse, as more and more people are getting infected as the days go by, President Donald J. Trump confirmed, along with the members of the Trump Administration, that the main way of coronavirus, COVID19 transmission seems to be surface transmission – it’s believed that a major part of the American people have been infected with the coronavirus, COVID19 after touching contaminated surfaces, on which it has been discovered that the virus can live up to more than a week.


In the end, under no circumstances should you go to places where a lot of people have been in. If you really have to, you shouldn’t touch anything. If you need to touch something, use gloves and dispose of them immediately after you’re done, making sure you don’t touch the exterior of the gloves.


National ENQ investigations will continue, and we’ll keep you informed on the dangers and consequences of the coronavirus, COVID19 pandemic, as well as the newest and most efficient safety precautions, along with updates on how humanity faces this challenge.

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