National ENQ, Breaking News: Scientists and Experts’ Show COVID-19 Lockdown Effects Are Much Worse Than Coronavirus Itself


Recent investigations and experts’ opinions go over the negative effects of lockdowns, which are constantly imposed all around the world. From severely weakening your immune system, to critical shortages and demolishing the economy, it’s safe to say that lockdowns bring more suffering than the actual Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.



National ENQ Investigation: The Effects of a Lockdown on the Human Body Proven To Be Far Worse Than a Coronavirus Infection


When not being exposed to the outside world for a long time and, essentially, being locked in your home in order to “prevent the spread of the Coronavirus” or “flatten the curve”, one will experience physical and mental problems along the way – experts and scientists have started warning against these lockdowns.


The main issue that comes up is the weakening of the immune system and your overall body – As people constantly sit at home, in bed or on the couch, a severe lack of physical activity appears (without taking the few, occasional steps around the house into consideration) which, in the long run, can and will leave the body much more vulnerable to many viral infections or other diseases.


Aside from the lack of physical activity, your immune system and your body will also be weakened by the absence of sunlight and the outside environment. When you’re exposed to the sun, as you would normally be before a lockdown and before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the human body experiences many, much-needed processes, including the creation of vitamin D. Sunlight is also associated with stronger bones and healing certain skin conditions.


Many other health-related benefits or essential processes are halted when a person isn’t exposed to the outside world, fresh air and other natural elements. For many, staying indoors for prolonged periods of time also accentuates stress levels and cause depression.

In society, the effects of a lockdown are very visible: since people are afraid to catch the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is spread by human contact, respiratory droplets and surfaces, people are avoiding socializing and, all around the world, restrictions have been applied for businesses and public places which limit their open hours or, as we’ve previously seen, closed businesses worldwide until further notice.


In many places, lockdowns have started showing negative economic effects, including food shortages, lack of demand and supply and, as noted, business closure, which have done major or even irreparable damage since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has emerged.



National ENQ Health News: Sweden’s Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic Approach Is a Great Model


Sweden’s approach regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on its territory, at first deemed controversial, is now seen as a model. Because of no lockdowns happening in the country, therefore they haven’t been stuck at home, in quarantine facilities or in hospitals, the Swedish population has been observed to have developed herd immunity to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – with people being active, both physically and mentally and being exposed to the outside world, they have shown much higher resistance to the coronavirus (COVID-19), compared to people who’ve been in lockdown.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is defeated and eliminated by their bodies, which have an increased fighting capacity for infections, as a result of continuing their daily activities as usual – with the majority of Swedish people not even being tested and showing no symptoms, in Sweden, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is becoming just another common cold.



National ENQ, Investigations: At First Controversial, Celebrity Opinions on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Are More True Than We Thought


Many celebrities and public figures have taken to Twitter and other media to express their opinions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and lockdowns from their point of view – at first disregarded and controversial, the issues topics which they went over are now becoming more and more real.


In the first Ellen Show from home, Ellen DeGeneres humorously stated “Being in quarantine is like being in jail.”


Elon Musk, who has supplied ventilators to hospitals in the U.S. recently, has taken to Twitter to express numerous opinions amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis:




On Sean Hannity’s radio show, Bill O’Reilly mentioned that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic death toll would decrease, as “many people who are dying, both here and around the world, were on their last legs anyway, and I don’t want to sound callous about that.”


It remains unclear if the U.S. and other countries will lift the lockdown measures and follow the path of Sweden and its successful approach, but many people are now encouraging the Swedish measures and, it seems like soon, we’ll start seeing them, as many realize herd immunity might be the only thing we could do to eradicate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


National ENQ Breaking News: Germany Lifted Lockdown Measures in Specific Areas


To avoid extreme economic damage, as well as additional suffering for its citizens, Germany has decided to lift specific lockdown measures, following the example of Sweden, including allowing an impressive number of people to travel to Germany for work, in order to relaunch the German economy.


Obviously, Germany will occupy the markets that have become available due to the worldwide lockdown and, especially the U.S. lockdown. If the U.S. will delay the relaunch of its economy, as a result of lifting its lockdown later, it’s going to be very harsh for the Americans and American businesses, since we all know that German products, German companies and German exporters are highly competitive, and will stop at nothing to capture the worldwide markets.

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