An American Export Stimulus Package Is a Must, in Order to Secure and Create American Jobs, in Times of Distress – National ENQ Economic Investigation Reports


The export of American goods and services will bring the revenue much required to develop the American economy and create more well-paid American jobs.


American Export Import is one of the organizations representing the only solution for stopping the decline and growing the U.S. economy.


Most U.S. businesses, as well as most of the U.S. economy is highly competitive – American products and services are well known and include so many famous brands.


If American businesses, whatever the goods or services they’ve created and supplied, whatever their business sectors may be, will receive the support they need, they will be able to significantly increase their exports, referring to the ones that already sell worldwide.


American Export Import American Capital Group


U.S. businesses which sell their products only locally or nationally should be encouraged to go international, and sell their products worldwide.


US exports are the clear direction on which the entire Trump Administration should focus immediately. America already has excellent structures such as the US Exim Bank, the Export Import Bank of the United States that are able to provide support for all import export business activities.


We must always keep in mind that US is not the only country with an export import bank because the main competitors established long ago highly efficient similar organizations like China Exim bank and Euro Exim bank with significant activities in trading international, trading places international and generally international trade.


Even if we focus on exports, that doesn’t mean we have a debate about import vs exportAmerican imports as well as American exports and any other American export lines are very important, not only because of the American tactical imports, but also in order to satisfy the needs of the American consumers and to maintain the American way of life.



President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Administration Should Encourage American Exports by Providing Financial Support, the Same Way the Stimulus Package Was Offered to Fight the Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


So many well-established American businesses and a large number of American entrepreneurs offer, or can offer highly competitive products and services, which can be sold internationally.


American Export Import American Distribution


If those American businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged with an American export stimulus package, the revenue will not only secure existing jobs and create a large number of new jobs, but it will also relaunch the American economy, while making sure the United States stays out of recession.


Several structures can help develop US exports and, in this area, both the international trade commission and the international trade administration can play an important role related to the American distribution of good and services at national level as well as internationally.


President Donald J. Trump should be aware of what role does competition play in international trade and all actions should focus on import and export as import export are so close and permanently influence each other’s volume and development something well known by the entrepreneurs that know what is international trade and how it works.



The Latest National ENQ Economic Investigation Shows That a Huge, Constantly Increasing Number of U.S. Citizens Are Asking for Unemployment Benefits


We can’t even compare the daily number of people asking for unemployment benefits to the number of infected, critical and fatal cases of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Because of the coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic, so many U.S. businesses are frozen and have been forced to close temporarily or long-term, which has resulted in an environment in which the Americans are forced out of their jobs and to ask for unemployment benefits.


Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the U.S. is entering very difficult times, with a huge unemployment rate and a large number of more and more American businesses closing temporarily or permanently every day.


A large part of the population, as well as many experts believe that China, a major player in the worldwide market and, at the same time, the most important direct competitor of the United States, is behind the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as they were able to contain it relatively quickly and relaunch their economy, while the effects on the U.S. and Europe are already disastrous and it looks like the worst part is just about to start.


Obviously, China will launch various programs with full government support, in order to expand their economy, by exploiting the new opportunities and new available markets, in which the United States and Europe aren’t able to satisfy consumer needs – so, businesses from these markets are likely to switch to Chinese products and services.


However, the American economy consists of many other businesses and a large number of entrepreneurs, working with organizations like American Export Import, who are supplying, or will be able to supply many products and services to customers and consumers from all around the world.



All American Entrepreneurs and Businesses Should Receive Support from the Trump Administration, in Order to Successfully Export Their Products and Services Worldwide


American entrepreneurs and businesses are able to offer, supply and export products and services worldwide, in most business sectors, including, but not limited to: Energy, Military, Medical, Construction, Technology, IT & C, Financial Services, Food & Agriculture, FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Equipment, Raw Materials, A.I. & Robotics, Turn-Key Projects, Oil, Gas & Mining, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals and more.


American Export Import Business Sectors


American Import Export activities should focus on intensifying American trading international activities, American international export, on what does the us export traditionally, on developing further the US major exports, monitoring permanently the US oil exports, the US exports to China, more exactly on what does the US export to China compared to what does China export to the US.


Along with all of its representatives working within or alongside all American embassies, in most countries worldwide, the U.S. State Department is a strong organization with great capabilities.


American representatives working for or with U.S. embassies located in each country worldwide are highly qualified professionals and, if they receive the proper support from President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Administration, they will be able to provide effective assistance in order to help develop American exports.


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