The U.S. Will End up Worse than Italy If Extreme Measures Aren’t Taken in Less than 30 Days


With Its Number of Confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases and Deaths Going up Day by Day, It Seems like the U.S. Is Going to Be the Most Affected Country


National ENQ has conducted extensive research and has gathered important data about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads and has spread in the past, in the beginning of the outbreak now turned pandemic.


When it comes to confirmed active cases and fatalities, the U.S. is showing critical signs which suggest that it will end up just like Italy or even worse, according to the latest National ENQ research information.



National ENQ Reports: Real Action Is Required Within 30 Days Against U.S. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Takeover and Epidemic Worse than Italy


To avoid a coronavirus (COVID-19) “takeover” of the U.S., President Donald J. Trump, along with the Trump Administration and Congress must work together and take real action within 30 days.


A national coronavirus (COVID-19) takeover would result in hundreds of thousands of cases, figures which even China have managed not to reach, with severe containment procedures and extreme safety measures taken. China’s active cases currently sit at under 10,000 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.


National ENQ investigations show that it’s unsure if Italy cases will reach the hundreds of thousands, as the pattern of infection has been very different than other countries, including very high spikes in confirmed cases, late into the pandemic.


National ENQ thorough research shows that the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the U.S. have grown more than 2 times faster than the ones in Italy, with Italy accumulating 59,138 over the course of more than a month and a half, and the United States rapidly increasing to 35,224 with thousands of cases per day, in the last 2 weeks.


Today, Steven Mnuchin, a Trump Official and the 77th U.S. secretary of treasury said that the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown affecting large segments of the american population, including the one of New York and California, as well as other states, is likely to last 10-12 weeks, or even until early June, as an action taken as part of the efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.


His declaration confirms the National ENQ investigation results about the spread and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19 disease) being very strong and harmful for more than the following 3 months, putting millions of Americans in danger if no significant action is taken within 30 days.


In the end, the United States has all of the resources and required capabilities available to prevent a coronavirus (COVID-19) disaster and to avoid getting into a situation that would be worse than Italy, while protecting all U.S. citizens.



National ENQ Request for Washington


National ENQ joins a significant number of other publications, influencers and prestigious institutions to ask President Donald J. Trump, the White House, the Trump Administration and especially the U.S. Congress not only to take immediate action, but to also implement the required solutions in less than 30 days.



National ENQ Reports: the $1 Trillion Senate Proposal to Rescue the U.S. Economy Has Just Crashed After Receiving No Support from Democrats Who Took Advantage of 5 Absent, Coronavirus Quarantined


The $1 trillion senate proposal is, in fact, the proposal of President Donald J. Trump along with the Trump Administration, which was issued in an effort aimed to provide at least $3000 to all american families, in order to help businesses survive the coronavirus (COVID-19) crysis while avoiding U.S. recession as described in this National ENQ article.


Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the republican senate proposal has even increased spending to an estimated $1.7 trillion or even more in funding, in order to fight the consequences of the pandemic and help thousands of american families and small business all over the United States.


The action taken by democrats has blocked the initiative of President Donald J. Trump and the republicans and, at the same time, has put on hold the much needed financial aid for many thousands of american families and suffering small businesses that face closure.


Unfortunately, five republican senators couldn’t vote, including senator Rand Paul, who announced today that he had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been placed into coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine.


National ENQ forecasts that the blockade organized by the democrats, even if temporary, will have a negative effect on the U.S. economy, which is in need of the Federal Government intervention to avoid the incoming recession caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


If the intervention, which turns out to be the largest federal government intervention of its kind in U.S. history, doesn’t pass, everyone will face the consequences when the stock exchange will shift to red, on the already traumatized stock markets which open on this monday morning.


National ENQ, along with other media organizations and influencers is asking Washington, including the democrats, to unblock the situation and release the $1.7 trillion aid immediately, as part of the absolutely required measures which must be taken within 30 days to prevent the U.S. coronavirus (COVID-19) situation from evolving into one worse than the one in Italy and, essentially, from taking over the United States.

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