National ENQ Just Received a Survey from a Los Angeles Based Organization, About National Enquirer Versus National ENQ


The main results of the survey related to National ENQ and National Enquirer showed us that each news website has its own readers and audience and, in rare occasions, some of the National ENQ readers are part of the National Enquirer regular audience.


National Enquirer Readers Are Not the Same as National ENQ Readers


The Los Angeles survey received the answers from a significant number of LA residents, from people active in different business sectors and living in various areas of Los Angeles, California.


One of the interesting results of the survey is that only 8% of the readers of National ENQ also read National Enquirer articles.


National Enquirer Is Focused More on Celebrity Gossip, While National ENQ Is Focused on Health – Coronavirus Outbreak, Economy – Our Money, Politics – 2020 Elections, Everything That Impacts Our Life & Future


Survey results show that there’s no need for National Enquirer to worry about losing its audience and the fact that National ENQ is active, making investigations in all areas that affect the American way of life, including, but not limited to the coronavirus (COVID-19), a very important health issue, the evolution of 2020 elections, keeping its readers informed about things people should know about before they happen.


A good example is that National ENQ was able to inform its readers about the U.S. coronavirus (COVID-19) travel ban one week before it was imposed by President Donald J. Trump and the White House.


We all know how important it is to all U.S. citizens to be up to date and, when it’s possible, to know in advance about all issues affecting their lives, be it health, politics, money, entertainment, any other business information, whatever they prefer to read, whether it’s National ENQ or the National Enquirer.


Whatever the position of National Enquirer may be, National ENQ will continue to be a premier, reliable source of information and will try to give a heads-up about anything impactful, so everyone can know it before it happens.

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