National ENQ Has Discovered that People All Around The World Have Started to Use Human-Like Robots as Their Real Life “Avatar” – How Is This Possible?


National ENQ has started to see people around the globe using humanoid robots as a placeholder for themselves, in order to protect against coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We’ve seen several people operating robots that look like humans, most of them looking just like their owners. As these human-like robots have been popping up, we’ve even seen robots that look just like celebrities.


Most of these robots are produced by a company called Custom Human Robots. These human-like robots have custom features and specifications, according to the user’s wishes. Basically, you could have a powerful, ultra realistic and intelligent robot that could look like yourself, a friend or even a celebrity.



Using a Humanoid Robot in Real Life, Just Like a Video Game Avatar


Probably the best feature these personalized, human-like robots in this period of time is the ability to control it. Reportedly, people are using their own Custom Human Robot to avoid catching the coronavirus (COVID-19), by controlling it and making it go outside to perform certain tasks, and so on.


Just like in a Video Game, you can control your human robot like an avatar. The ease of use is very present, as you could even use virtual reality (VR) to control it in real life, in real time.



Humanoid Robots Couldn’t Be More Realistic


The Custom Human Robots can possess surprising strengths and abilities, while maintaining a very similar aspect to humans. Their skin is described as “very similar to the human skin, with the major difference (or bonus) being the added durability and resistance of the artificial skin”, according to



Final Thoughts – Humanoid Robot Takeover?


In numerous books and movies, a potential takeover of robots that look like humans and, generally, most of artificial intelligence (A.I.) always ends in a bad way, with robots taking over society. When we talk about a humanoid robot takeover, we usually mean that they will revolutionise the world, in a good way, helping humanity thrive and working together, with the help of robotic power and artificial intelligence.


National ENQ would like to know your opinion on these humanoid robots, and their benefits for society. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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