National ENQ Report: As More Judges Rule Out Lockdown Measures as Unnecessary, Illegal and Violations of Constitutional Rights, Private Individuals and Business Owners are Claiming Lockdown Settlements


With a recent wave of judges realizing that state-wide lockdown measures and orders are unbearable, intrusive and have only violated the american people’s constitutional rights and freedom, people and business owners are claiming lockdown settlements, in order to cope with the suffering that the unnecessary measures have brought upon them. Because of the lockdown measures which were already proven to be a clear violation of the constitutional rights of the American people, private individuals, as well as business owners are looking and applying for a fair settlement, with the help various recovery lockdown claim organizations, such as Lockdown Claim, of


We must accept the fact that so many private individuals and business owners have suffered tremendously, as a result of state-wide lockdown measures, which are a clear violation of the constitutional rights of Americans.


It’s only fair, as well as a human reaction for the American people to seek a fair lockdown claim settlement, as lockdown measures are not only a violation of their constitutional rights, but they also brought a wide range of consequences, including the closure of businesses and a soaring unemployment rates.


Tens of thousand of Americans went at the beach, obviously in clear breach of the compulsory lockdown orders and “enforced” measures. Pictures and videos of thousands of people sitting on the beach next to each other went viral!


Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California condemned the tens of thousands of people that went to the southern beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County areas.


Orange County’s Board of Supervisors voted to open some beaches and many other outdoor areas last week, as it was a clear will of most of the local population. Immediately, for next days, tens of thousands of people went to the beach to stay the entire day, obviously with no social distancing rules applied.


Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California as well as other authorities and officials urged people to adhere to social distancing measures, to obey and not to go to the beach – various videos and photos shared online showed that many beachgoers were less than six feet apart and not wearing face masks or coverings while having a really good time at the overly crowded California beach.


Even if the Orange County and Ventura County local authorities decided to open up and accepted to recognize the constitutional rights of their citizens, Los Angeles County’s beaches are still off limits and local officials have asked their citizens to refrain from driving to other counties, trying to enforce stay-at-home restrictions.


It looks like the conclusion is clear: people who want to stay at home and feel more protected are allowed and encouraged to do that and, on the other hand, people who want to go outside, taking the eventual risk with them, should also be allowed to do so, as they’re only exercising their constitutional rights, anyway.


Even if Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California condemned the tens of thousands of people who went to southern beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County, no action from law enforcement forces has been taken to arrest people or punish people in any way, despite the obvious breaking of the lockdown measures and compulsory social distancing orders.


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5 thoughts on “National ENQ News: Americans, Private Individuals and Business Owners Get Paid – Lockdown Claim – Damages for the Violation of Their Constitutional Rights

  1. Well, then arrest all of them if they are breaking the law. But that…it isn’t the law? Then shut up.

  2. Why not open up all the beaches and that’ll make more space available so people don’t cram into a few beaches? and also open up all the state parks, that’s a lot of space.

    It’s just simple math, social distancing means more space per person and that requires more space on overall so just open the parks, beaches, all the locations…

    I think it’s better than people having to crowded locations.

    Obviously outside in the sunshine, getting vitamin D and feeling good, helps a lot and makes everyone stronger, gives higher immunity in general and eventually can only help resist and fight coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic.

  3. Well said, Jimmy S! And illegal to travel, to meet, is really to much! Next thing we’ll hear that drinking is the cause of even more numerous deaths (than coronavirus – COVID-19) so they should make alcohol illegal again! And we all know how that went…

  4. Stay home if you’re afraid to be part of the people who want to go out. No one makes you go out but the ones that want to go out, whatever the risk that may be or may not be, they should be allowed as it is their right anyway!

  5. Newsom, don’t you have better things to do? Let the people exercise their freedom rights! Nobody forcing you or anyone else to get out of your home. Stay inside if you want to!

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