National ENQ News Report: The American Health System Is Overwhelmed – It Must Focus on Testing and Treating the Heavily Affected Coronavirus Patients, Rather Than Testing Millions of Americans Who Have No Health Problems or Symptoms, Just for Implementing a Bureaucratic Control Program for Issuing COVID-19 “Immunity Certificates”


Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a member of President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force and the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), mentioned that “as we get to the point of at least considering ‘opening up the country,’ as it were, it’s very important to appreciate and to understand how much that virus has penetrated the society, because it’s very likely that there are a large number of people out there that have been infected, have been asymptomatic and did not know they were infected.”


China, Germany and other countries have already started using coronavirus antibody tests and the United States is expected to issue the tests very soon – certificates of immunity are also in the works, even though they’re considered outlandish and unnecessary by so many, at this point.



With Their Bodies Heavily Affected by the Disease, Sick People Suffering from Coronavirus, in Danger of Losing Their Lives and Developing COVID-19 Complications Need the Full Attention of the American Health System Before It’s too Late


The American Health System should provide emergency treatments, in order to cure coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, rather than waste precious time, as well as taxpayers’ money on additional, unnecessary tests for confirming people were previously infected with the coronavirus and have now developed COVID-19 antibodies, offering them immunity and contributing to the development of herd immunity.


There are so many Americans, who need immediate medical attention, which could be and has been the decisive solution in a life and death situation for many – so, in the slightest, using the resources, which are desperately needed elsewhere, for unnecessarily testing people who haven’t shown symptoms and don’t have medical problems is a very dumb idea.


Millions of Americans need their freedom back, which means they shouldn’t be stuck in lockdown and should instead be able to resume their freedom constitutional rights – obviously, there’s no reason for suspending the rights of Americans and, in no way should Americans need some type of license or permit, which will eventually be called a “certificate of immunity”, in order to regain their freedom, since they have it anyway.


It’s clear to see that hospitals and doctors can hardly cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and, in this critical time period, they must give 100% of their attention to the people suffering from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease and saving their lives, which are currently in great danger, instead of wasting their valuable time, taxpayers’ money, tests, procedures and other critical resources for a dumb idea – testing people who don’t health problems or symptoms, which only seems to satisfy the “deep state” and increase its institutional authority.


Imposing “immunity certificates” as required documents and putting people through extensive testing in order to enjoy their currently suspended freedom is unnecessary and unjustifiable, leaving it to be nothing but excessively procedural nonsense by “deep state” adepts who think they know better.


During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Americans lost some constitutional rights. There’s a very high risk that our lost constitutional rights will never be fully restored.


Even after such a crisis ends, governments and other authorities tend to be more comfortable with their increased powers. Traditionally, they don’t want to lose what they’ve gained with the occasion of each crisis like the ones America has went through in the past.


The sooner our constitutional rights are fully restored, the better.

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