You don’t have to be an expert in politics or economics to understand that, in the global system we live in, there’s a permanent competition between countries, leaders and politicians of each country.


As a result of the competition, each country would like the other one to be left behind, to have a lower power, and to have a weaker economy than it’s own. Surely, this also refers to the military, the social support, as well as to all living standards and wealth of the population.


Why do some people believe that Russia supports actions or american politicians that want, and can “Make America Great Again”? Talking about facts, it’s clear that in the last couple of years after president Donald J. Trump was elected, the U.S. has become stronger from all points of view, including, but not limited to the economy, the military and, indeed, has real chances for even stronger development, considering the upper hand in research on almost all sectors, like health, technology, digital business, the space industry, transportation, infrastructure, and more.


So, as a result of those facts, it’s clear that in no way Russia would like President Donald J. Trump to be re-elected, as the U.S. has shown significant great changes, and will continue to be superior to all of the other countries, if he would be re-elected.


Facts, not just talking


As mentioned above, we aren’t only talking about a better America. Even president Donald J. Trump is not only talking about a better America – the progress and results of The White House Administration in the last 3 years, when talking about figures, confirms that the U.S. is passing through an intensive development phase, that has never been seen before in the last decades.


Now, coming back to Russia, China, or even the European Union, it’s obvious that none of those countries and none of those powers – that are highly competitive – will support the people in top U.S. Government positions, who’ve contributed to the development and are great for the country.


To conclude, in the last three years, president Donald J. Trump has proven, that he was great for the U.S., and, just because of that, we are convinced he has no support from Russia, China or the European Union.

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